2015: When In Rome

Welcome to Ancient Rome, where the men mingle in the lives of gods and gods meddle with the lives of men!  Powerful, vain Venus thinks that a beautiful mortal Psyche is stealing her thunder and curses her marrying her off to a monster but is foiled by her own son, Cupid, who pretends to be the monster and falls in love with Psyche.  Spoiled teenager Propserpine wants to escape the Mother of all Smothering Moms:  Ceres, also known as Mother Nature.  She sees her opportunity arise when the baddest of bad boys arrives on Mt. Olympus, Pluto – god of the underworld.  Lovelorn and sensitive, Pluto’s surrounded by souls – but can’t find a soulmate. Prosperpine jumps at the chance to escape, but without thinking through her actions.  Can love survive going to hell and back?

Add to this a vibrant cast of characters – a sculptor who falls for his statue, a self-absorbed suitor who can’t take his eyes off himself, a nymph who always has to have the last word, a wisecracking half-goat sidekick, a trio of muses who’d put the Supremes to shame, a rapping Cyclops, and even Jupiter himself – a golden boy “bro” who’d rather be surfing than ruling over Rome – and you get a story about how if you take the time to look beneath the surface, you just might find love.  This is one you don’t want to “myth”!

Written by Jodi Picoult and Kyle van Leer
Composed by Ellen Wilber

Director: Amye Mason
Music Director: Carol Cronce
Choreographer: Allyson Weiner-Sawyer

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Executive Producer’s Note

I recently heard someone describe the Roman gods and goddesses as equivalent to today’s celebrities. Indeed, had PEOPLE magazine existed in Ancient Rome, I have no doubt Venus would be best dressed, Jupiter would be the playboy with a different model on each arm, and Pluto would be the bad boy with the troubled past. …

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Director’s Note

I am thrilled to be a part of this year’s Trumbull Hall Troupe production of When In Rome! This troupe is unique in the world of Upper Valley Theater. We are the only group that puts on original musicals. We are the only group that has kids ranging from 5th-12th grade. Most importantly, we are …

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Cast and Crew

THE CAST (in order of appearance) Emma Tichner: Thalia, Eurydice Sydney Johnstone: Clio Romaney Granizo: Calliope Andy Ogrinc: Pygmalion, Son of Sam, Skeleton, Villager Raphie Orleck-Jetter: Narcissus, Sheep, Villager Julia Mason: Venus, Skeleton, Villager Thea LaCrosse: Ceres, Ant, River Styx, Skeleton Isabelle Hall: Proserpine Dory Psomas: Minerva, Water, Stalin, Styx Skeleton, Villager Nika Renshaw: Juno, …

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Scenes and Musical Numbers

Scene 1 – Emperor’s Palace & Mt. Olympus 
 “Status Quo” Full Cast Scene 2 – Hell
 “Bare My Soul” Pluto, Agony Scene 3 – Venus’ Temple
 “Love Is In The Air” Venus, Mercury, Thalia, Clio, Calliope Scene 4 – Mt. Olympus & Emperor’s Palace 
 “Mt. Olympus” Cupid, Juno, Jupiter, Ceres, Proserpine, …

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The Dolloff Family Foundation (via the New Hampshire Charitable Trust) The Byrne Foundation The Brundage Foundation St. Paul’s Episcopal Church White Mountains Insurance Mascoma Savings Bank Lake Sunapee Bank Lebanon Opera House Milne Travel Blue Sky Restaurants Hill Opticians     

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Kids, Community and Volunteers. Trumbull Hall Troupe runs on the efforts of volunteers. Our goal is to provide fun theatre experiences for our teens and to contribute to the community with the funds raised by our performances.  When you pay for tickets with a check you will be asked to make your check out to the …

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Program Advertisers

Designer Gold Jewelry The Country Cobbler Jennifer Hansen Julie Ness Vocal Studio Bridgman’s Fine Home Furnishings Gnomon Copy J&B Plumbing & Heating CloudOrdering.com Upper Valley Speech-Language Services 603.448.6218 Simbex The Upper Valley Humanists Association Four Seasons, Sotheby’s International Realty COOP Food Stores Von Bargen’s Jewelry Wilder Club & Library The Collison Family

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Thanks to …

The Byrne Foundation White Mountains Insurance The Brundage Foundation Mascoma Bank Heather Clow, Dan Merlo, and the Lebanon Opera House The Dolloff Family Foundation Tim van Leer Jeff & Beverly Balch Heather Brown, A.B. Gile Insurance St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Pete Schaal and the Wilder Library Bridgman’s Fine Home Furnishings Braxton Freeman and the Lebanon …

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When In Rome Gallery

Weiping Hu’s Photos

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