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2012: Super!

SUPER is about a superhero called Wonderboy, who when faced with danger channels a random superpower. Sometimes it’s super strength or flight — but sometimes it’s making it rain marshmallows. Frustrated with his inconsistency, the people of Townville become jaded, and Wonderboy stops believing in himself. He decides to call it quits, and throws his outfit in the trash.

It’s found by Enid, who with her friend Derwin, is trying to save the planet as a teen activist. Their passion makes them the butt of jokes for the popular kids — including Victoria, the queen bee of the school, and Zack, her jock boyfriend (who Enid secretly has a crush on). When Enid learns Zack’s secret — that he has a fanboy zeal for Wonderboy — she decides to take the discarded superhero suit. How much easier would it be to save the world…and maybe to get Zack to notice her? When Victoria and Derwin, jilted by their significant others, team up to form a super villain team and create a giant mutant dog to terrorize the town and flush out Wonderboy, Enid realizes that simply because she’s wearing the suit, others – including Zack – expect her to save the day.

Meanwhile, Wonderboy is trying to acclimate to ordinary life after realizing he has no marketable skills. He winds up getting a job at a theme park playing…himself. Everyone at the park who plays a fairytale character is there for the paycheck only – except for Tinkerbell, a delusional girl who is afraid of EVERYTHING and still believes in superheroes. When she discovers Wonderboy’s secret, she begs him to take her on as a sidekick. When he refuses, she sets out to prove to him she’s brave enough for the task — putting her in danger at the hands of the super villains. This spurs the real Wonderboy to reclaim his identity, and to train his motley crew of fairytale characters into a band of superheroes to help save Tink. What ensues is a tangle of mistaken identity, bravery in the most unlikely places, and the important message that a real hero is someone who makes others believe in themselves.

Playwrights: Kyle van Leer, Jake van Leer, Jodi Picoult
Composer: Ellen Wilber (The song “Super” was composed by Jake van Leer)
Lyrics: Jodi Picoult

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Director’s Note

Tonight’s show is about superheroes, and about ordinary people who have the ability to change the world.  It’s an apt metaphor, because it applies to every single one of you.  If you’ve come through these doors, and have made a donation to one of our four charities – Zienzele, CHaD, The Upper Valley Haven, or …

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Cast & Crew

Cast, in Order of Appearance Toby Reynolds: Announcer/Townsperson 4/Beachgoer 4 Daniel Fleischer: Pilot/Mayor Tim Hansen: Wonderboy* Alison Coombs: Enid Sydney Johnstone: Mona/Temp Agency Worker Tori Chernin: Rona/Jeweler Henry Lang: Jack/Radiologist Ross Patten: Derwin Connor Greeley: Zack Molly Winer: Victoria Allyce Good: Jess Abby Mayo: Tess Chris Lovejoy: Principal Wormgrunt Carrie Zuttermeister: Barb Bell Holly Alexander: Mlle. …

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Scenes & Musical Numbers

Act One Prologue Townville Scene 1 Townville High School “Save the World” Full cast Transition “This Just In” Press corps Scene 2. Gym Class “Weakness”  Victoria, Enid, Derwin, Bullies  “Secret Crush” Enid, Zack Scene 3 A street in Townville “Super”  Wonderboy Scene 4 A beach/Temp agency “The Work Song” Wonderboy,Temp Agency  Worker, Radiologist, Jewelry Store employee, Pilot Scene …

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Super! Program Advertisers

•Andrea’s, A Hair Studio (802-649-1774) •Bella, Clothing & Shoes •The Byrne Foundation •The Collisons •COOP Food Stores •Country Cobbler •Dan & Whits •The Dance Collective (603-998-9045) •Designer Gold Jewelry •The Dartmouth Bookstore •Gnomon Copy •Hygeia, Dr. Robyn Jacobs •The J List •J’s Spa •Jennifer Carol Hansen, Mezzo Soprano & Voice Lessons •Julie Ness, Voice Teacher …

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Thanks to …

The Byrne Foundation White Mountains Insurance The Brundage Foundation Heather Clow, Dan Merlo, and Lebanon Opera House Heather Brown, A.B. Gile Insurance John Lacrosse & the Richmond Middle School Council Catherine Doherty & Northern Stage Carol Dunne Cody Beseda, Jessica May & Sandy Harned, ZFX, Inc. Jim Lee Lise Iwon Rose Brand Beth Rattigan, DRM …

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Our Super Charities!

Kids, Community and Volunteers. Trumbull Hall Troupe runs on the efforts of volunteers. Our goal is to provide fun theatre experiences for our teens and to contribute to the community with the funds raised by our performances.  When you pay for tickets with a check you will be asked to make your check out to the …

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Super! Gallery

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